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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 13, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it has been rumored for weeks. >> nationals manager many acta out of a job this morning. who could be next in line to leave the team out of its losing rut? history in the making. confirmation hearings begin today for the woman who could become the supreme court's first hispanic justice. fox 5 morning news continues right now. take a look at your tv if you are not by it right now and just listening to us. it is n absolutely gorgeous sunrise today. monday morng, it is july 1th
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and wow! 72degrees outside too. it is pretty pleasant. >> beautiful sunrise this morning. silhouetting the capitol dome this morning. thank you for that pretty picture this morning. we are glad you are with us as well. we'll check in with tony perkins to get a look at what is happening outside. >> spectacular. >> a lot of times, people are listening to you as they get ready for work but if you got a minute, maybe we'll take that shot a little later. >> just a gorgeous sunrise, got a few clouds out there to highlight, help set off the sun and it looks absolutely great. it will be a pretty decent day today. we'll see conditions about where they should fob this time of year. let's look at what is happening at reagan national airport where the temperature is indeed 72 degrees. relative humidity, can we go to the graphics, please, so we can show you. relative humidity, 57%. your ones are calm. barometric pressure, 29.92. now, hd radar and we're looking at this because there is dehine a little bit of shower activity
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down to the south and west and it loolin ike in fredericksburg, you y maget somemashowers passing through mering the next hour or so as tore is some rainfall f the west. it is sink rather south- southeast so you will get some of that moving through but toin . e a whole l a little shower popping up near hess peek beach across the chesapeake bay. forecast for today looks like this. the morning clouds and then sunny skies. another warm afternoon, high about 87 degrees. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in jut a little bit. stick with us for that. >> a little lower humidity. >> lower than yesterday, yes. >> not a bad thing. let's say good morning to julie wright at 6:00. >> good morning to you all. the inner loop of the beltway, construction-free if you are traveling between 50 and the exit for 20 #. all of the lanes are now open as you travel southbound 95/495 headed out towards andrews air force base. the overnight construction is cleared. if you are traveling southbound
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on 270, no accidents to report leaving gaithersburg headed in towards rockville. easy ride along northbound historien 95. no incidents to report as you travel northbound leaving newington. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, the washington nationals in need of a new manager as man way acta tells multiple sources he has been fired. the nats go into the all-star league with the worst record in the league. insiders say jim riggleman could take over. ahead this hour, we'll go live to the ballpark and get an update from our own dave ross. our big story, just hours from now, the confirmation hearings begin for president obama's first selection for the highest court, sonia sotomayor. the 55-year-old federal judge will face tough questions on capitol hill from republican
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and december six members of senate judiciary comidee. -- and democratic members of the senate judiciary committee. >> had a number of her speeches, for example, she has advocated a view that suggests that your personal persons, even prejudices, she uses that word, it is expected that they would influence the decision you make. >> one's experience, one's venue, one's way of look at an issue does come into it somewhere along the line and i think most of us have seen this over and over again. >> president obama selected sotomayor in late may to replace justice david suit wore retired last month. house democrats could unveil their plan for health care reform as soon as today. in the meantime, lawmakers from both parties are telling the white house they will go on vacation next month without hammering out president obama's health care overhaul. the legislation includes a $550 billion tax increase and higher
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taxes for those making more than $250,000 a year. local and federal officials pumping cash into the battle against swine flu. the federal government will spend another $1 billion on orders for vaccine components. virginia is eligible for nearly $8.8 million to prepare for and treat swine flu cases. the least # 10 case of the nun virus have been confirmed with two deaths so far. claim of a cover-up. sources say former vice president dick cheney ordered the cia to not inform congress about the still classified count are terrorism program eight years ago. at the time, cia directors didn't think there was enough information to hold a congressional briefing. current cia director leon pan eight put a stop -- panetta put a stop to the program last month. taking a look at the other top stories, the trial gets under with a identify mother accused of killing her farr daughters and keeping their bodies in her home for months.
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she said those children died one by one in their sleep. prosecutors say one had been stabbed and the other strangled and beaten. police say swrakz lived with their bodies for at late seven months -- police say jacks lived with their bodies for at least seven months. in prince george's county, two mother-daughter murders in largo apparently are not connected. police found karen lofton and her daughter carissa shot to death inside their home back in january. two months later, the bodies of deloars dewitt and her daughter were found in a car in the same neighborhood. they say these were just a coincidence. five people shot in the district. one week later, a teenager under arrest. the gunshots rang out last sunday night on 46th place and g street southeast. among the five people hit, a 10- year-old girl. last night, police arrested 18- year-old derick philip. he faced five counts of
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aggravated assault while armed. at least six lawsuits have been filed following the deadly crash on metro's red line. according to the "washington post," one of those lawsuits seeks as much as $25 million in damages. nine people were killed in the crash. 80 were injured. legal experts expect more suits to be filed for months, possibly years. agency officials say insurance would probably cover most of the costs. meantime today, metro begins its zero tolerance policy on teching. bus drivers or train operators caught teching will be fired, those doing that on the job. this coming after several alarming cases were caught on videotape. the officer in the deadly red line crash was not texting at the time of the accident. prisoners of war suffocated, buried any mass grave. u.s. allies allegedly behind it all. also being rumors of poor health have been circulating for months and now we may finally know exactly what is behind kim jong il's retreat from the international stage.
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disaster strikes twice for construction crews in yaind that have been working around the clock to prepare a bridge for the 2010 commonwealth games. six people were killed and more than a dozen injured when the partially built bridge in new delhi collapsed sinning large concrete slabs falling on to the workers below. a short time later, three cranes crashed while trying to clear out some of the rubble reportedly injuring more people. u.s. ambassador to iraq christopher hill was among the group of american personnel would escaped injury when an explosive device detonated near their convoy in southern iraq. the bomb exploded as the convoy was traveling sunday through daka reef province. president obama has order his national security team to investigate claims of war crimes. witnesses say as many as 2,000 taliban members surrendered to the u.s. allied northern alliance in november of 2001. they were then put in sealed
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cargo containers for a two-day trip. according to a state department report, the prisoners were cuff stated and buried any mass grave. northern alliance soldiers have also said they hoped fire on those containers. a highly guarded secret apparently revealed now. kim jong il is suffering from pancreatic cancer. so far, the north is not commenting on this report. coming up next, it is last call. >> if you popped into this place, chans were good you would see at least one notable name in d.c. a georgetown institution closes its doors for good and a constant on capitol hill for more than 50 years out of business too. in the 1930s, farmers planted nutrient-rich soybeans...
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nasa will give it another shot today to try to launch the space shuttle endeavour as weather issues scrubbed the last two attempts. endeavour hold the third and final segment of japan's $1 billion space station lab. >> i thought identify while
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yesterday that we might get a little bit of rain. clouds kind of rolled in and the humidity was so thick but it didn't. >> nope. turned out to be a -- it was a humid day to be sure but 90 degrees and if people like julie wright, right there where you want it to be. we had the unusually cool weather and now we've got warm ai warm air again for today. the highs across the region, 90 degrees reagan and dulles and bwi and many other places hit 90. current temperatures around the region look like this. we are in the 70s and 60s here. 72degrees. we remain at 72 for this hour. 62 in baltimore. they've dropped off a little bit there. 65 out at dulles airport. 72 in fredericksburg and at patuxent naval air station. all right, satellite-radar composite for our region. we are watching. we'll put this in motion for you. there are some of the clouds we've got in over usened a
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little bit of shower activity down to the south. fredericksburg, you are likely to get some showers if you are not getting them already moving into the region. this shower activity pushing off to the south and east. back behind it, clear skies across much of the midwest. michigan, most of ohio, indiana, also seeing clear skies this morning. that means we'll get a lot of sunshine over the next couple of days including today. some morning clouds but becoming mostly sunny and a warm afternoon again. not quite as humid but still warm, high about 87 degrees. for tonight, we'll see seasonable temperatures. lows in the mid-60s downtown. clear skies for the most part. then your five-day forecast, another warm one tomorrow. by wednesday and thursday, think that humidity gets back in here as well so we'll call it hazy, hot an huge wimbledon the chance of showers and thunderstorms in the latter part of those days. the afternoon and evening and then friday, we see conditions very similar to today.
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that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> the getting is good right now. no accidents reported if you are traveling in either direction down south at the wilson bridge making the trip inbound on 66 this morning, all lanes are open as you travel east of centreville and continue inbound towards 50 and out towards 123. no accidents but volume starting to slow you down just a tad as you travel out of centreville headed eastbound towards 7100. 28 at 606 is where we have a crash according to authorities. the road is temporarily tied up in each direction because of that accident. live shot of 66 belowpeed headed in towards fair lakes and fair oaks. top side of the beltway, good to go. no accidents to report ads you continue around towards silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it is last call if a popular washington restaurant as nathan's in georgetown is the latest victim of the
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economic crisis. nathan's first opened back when richard nixon was in office. it became a popular hangout for politicians, sports stars and media types the owner says she had no choice but to shut down over the weekend because of the economy. a capitol hill bookshop been around even longer than that. after 51 years, the store is closing as well. owners posted a letter in the window of the pennsylvania avenue shop of trover's. business beat is coming up next. putting a plan to work can take aime patience. >> ha tlt isatexacwhy president obama is asking for when it comes to the stimulus plan. as we go to a break right now, a good excuse to hit the road. wh gas prices have dropped 10 cents in the last two weeks. right now, aaa says the average price in the district if a gallon of regular is $2.62. the national average on this day a year ago, $4.10. that ought to make you feel a little better. we'll be back.
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microsoft is set to roll out its latest perot prating until october but many businesses won't be buying it. they say they just don't have the money to buy windows 7, which is what it is called. there are concern abouts its compatibility with existing programs. windows 7 is getting good reviews overall unlike the most current system out there now which is windows vista. president obama is pushing for patience with his stimulus plan. chris cotter is with the fox business network joining us live with our businesseat
6:24 am
today. chris, the dow is having a pretty bad run over the last few weeks. >> yeah, four weeks in a row. we haven't seen a four-week downslide since march 6th. that was the very low that we reached on the toy and s&p before we started this bounce- back. four bad week in a row. last weekwalking on chin ice after what what was a really bad week on july 4th week. we are trying to find our footing a little bit here. more economic news than earnings this week. this week, more earnings we have csx today. and later on in the week, a lot of tech names, intel, google, ibm and bank names as well. j.p.morgan, goldman sachs, bank of america. so that will drive the market this week for sure. >> what about retail sales? we are expecting the commerce department to come out with retail sales numbers for june tomorrow. >> yeah, we'll get the numbers
6:25 am
tomorrow. as we saw last week, we had a little bit of a peak. the individual retailers themselves giving us same sre sales but it is not really great. almost nothing is expected from this reported. it won't be gd for the month of june. that is for sure. president obama meantime is saying come on, just have a little bit of patience with the stimulus plan. it will take time to work. it is not going to take four months. it will take maybe a year or two years and now there is talk that maybe we need a second stimulus to get the economy moving and get folks back working again. what is your thought on that? >> this is a big part of why the president certainly addressed the problem in his saturday radio address was fact that lasted week, the talk of a second stimulus started to build momentum and almost fear of a second stimulus from a lot of people because there are two different camps. there is a camp that says stimulus isn't working and we should never have said it. there is another camp that says stimulus isn't working we need another stimulus. president obama says i think it is going to work but you got to
6:26 am
give it more than four months. spending will accelerate over the summer into the fall. that is when we hope to see the jobs we are supposed to be -- that were supposed to be saved or created that will come from that spending. we are halfway through the summer. we need to see that starting to pick up. >> thank you smuch. appreciate it. coming up next, she is president obama's first no, ma'am fee no the supreme court. if she gets a job, it will lead to another first. confirmation hearings begin today for sonia sotomayor who could become the nation's first hispanic justice. manny acta is looking for a new job this morning. what the former nats manager has to say about the team's decision to let him go.
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what's the future like? you ve your new jetta. and the suit? you like it? no...i love it! back now at 6:30 with a check of today's top stories. confirmation hearings start
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today for jonah sotomayor. the 55-year-old court after peels judge is president obama's first pick to replace david souter. the white house hopes sotomayor will be confirmed by august. she will face questions over her past ruling and qualification. manny acta apparently fired now. he tells multiple sources he was let go last night as manager of the washington nationals. insides are say nats bench coach jim rigle machine will take over for the remainder of the -- jim riggleman will take over for the remainder of the season. d.c. councilman david catania is holing a hearing today on city contracts with nonprofit its agencies after the washington city paper reported some irregularities with the contracts run out of
6:31 am
councilman marion barry's office. there are allegations of forge the documents and ghost employees on the payroll. last wean, the city council announce and independent investigator is looking into the paid contract that barry awarded his former girlfriend donna watts brighthaupt. questions were raised after she accused barry of stalking her on the 4th of july. he was cleared of those stalking charges. >> let's get a look at our monday forecas with tony perkins. >> let's take a look at some tape that we shot of this morning's sunrise. this is so pretty. oh, look at that. is that beautiful? is that absolute lie beautiful? >> that is gorgeous. >> unrise this morning was at 5:54. i say this all the time. you throw some clouds in there, it makes if a prettier sunrise or sunset for that matter. still quite pretty out there. take a look at the satellite- radar. you can see the clouds o n the satellite-radar. you will see some precipitation not far from here. just off to t heutheh and west
6:32 am
of d.c., light showers passing through. fredericksburg, probably seeing some shower activity at this hour and this will continue to push off to the soh utanh east as the morning progresses. so most of our viewers n seeing anpr yecn itio atutb south of washington, you are getting few rain showers er er mpteatcresa mpe osthrs egion, 72 degrees. t in new atyorkcityit is 65. a cool and comfortable 60 in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. roanoke, virginia is at 71 degrees. your forecast for today, lots of sunshine now, some of these morning clouds that you are seeing will push off to the south and east. sunny skies and another warm afternoon, not quite as humid but still warm. high about 87 degrees. more on the forecast coming up. also in just about 15 minutes, stud's edition of ask the weather guy. every now and then, we get a question that i, myself, tucker, both of us, we read and research and we're like wow, i didn't know that. today is one of those. >> we'll look forward to that. julie wright had the oh, wow
6:33 am
mode over the weekend. it is like oh, wow, it's 90 now. >> i was just thinking isn't that like every day in the weather department, like, oh, wow, i didn't know that. >> it's only monday. >> i'm on vacation next week so i'm getting them all in this week. this is outer loop of the beltway leaving van dorn street. the message sign is warning you of an accident blocking the left lane just before the exit for route none in alexandria. outer loop of the beltway already slow as you work your way past this overhead sign. the left side of road is blocked. no accidents to report on northbound 395. the lane there are are open as you continue from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. wilson bridge traffic running. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffc. back to you.
6:34 am
>> thank you. big changes in store for d.c. baseball as multiple sources say manager manny ta is out, fired. as the nats head into the all- star break with the worst record in the league. dave ross joins usrom nationals park this morning with more. >> reporter: good morning. manny acta had been at the helm here in d.c. for the past two and a half seasons. his first season in 2007, his best. a respectable 73 wins against 89 losses. a fourth place finish, not bad. since then, bad, very bad. 2008, 59 wins, 102 losses and this year things spun out of control in a hurry. now, the nat had st gotten back from houston where they concluded a four-game series and five hours later, acta was told stan kasten that a change was being made. acta's nationals finished the first half of the year at 26- 61. for his part, manny acta said
6:35 am
this, quote, i thank the nationals for giving me this opportunity and i'm sorry that things didn't work out as expected. it is normal for the manager to pay the price when the team is not doing well. who is next? i just spoke to a source who is very close with this situation. he as the nats will have a team practice here on wednesday morning and it wilbe jim riggleman that leads that team practice meaning he will become the third manager in washington nationals history. coming up in a little bit, we are hoping to hear from stan kasten later on this morning but you know and i know and the american people know, when you lose the way the nationals have lost the last year and a half, a change at the top was coming and today, manny auction is -- acta is out of a job. >> no surprise. dave ross down at nationals park. january of 2006 was last time a new name was added to the u.s. supreme ou crt cwhen
6:36 am
justice samuel alito joined the ranks. this year, justice david souter stepped down. >> a confirmation hearing will begin today for sonia sotomayor who could make hiv as the first latina and the third woman on the supreme court. >> sarah similar monday is following this story for us and she is live on capitol hill with more on our big story. >> reporter: the hearing is scheduled to get under with aality 10:00 a.m. before the senate judiciary committee. democrats are hoping if a speedy confirmation but republicans are expected to have a lot of questions about her pas judicial rulings and her ability to judge fairly. now, the hearing will start with opening statements from the panel which is made up of 12 democrats and seven republicans. then sonia sotomayor will give her own statement. we're expecting to hear a lot of emphasis on her background growing up in a bronx housing project and her rise for success from there. she is expected to receive a lot of questions about a comment made back in 2001 where sotomayor says she hopes a wise
6:37 am
latina often would reach better conclusions than a white male without the same life experience. now, republicans aren't too happy about that comment while democrats are defending it. >> in a number of her speeches, for example, she has advocated a view that suggests that your personal experiences, even prejudices, she uses that word, it is expected that they would influence the decision you make. >> one's experience, one's venue, one's way of looking at an issue does come into it somewhere along the line and i think most of us have seen this over and ver again. >> reporter: sotomayor has also received a lot of criticism from a decision made in a new haven, connecticut case where white firefighters said she were discriminated against by the city and sotomayor in that panel actually sided with the city on that. the senate judiciary committee chairman has defended that saying, if you look at her entire record as a federal
6:38 am
judge over her 17 years, that she really is much more mainstream. now, there are going to be a lot of questions that will be ised about that but those questions will probably be reserved for tomorrow. today is more the opening remarks and opening statements that we a expected to hear today but the white house and democrats are hoping for a fast confirmation expecting to have her in place by august. back to you. >> thank you. the deadliest crash in metro history has the transit agency facing at least six lawsuits actual cording to the "washington post," one of those seeks as much as $25 million in damages. nine people were killed in last month's crash. 80 were injured. legal experts say more suits are expected to be filed for months, possibly even years. caughtsy officials say insurance will probably cover most of the cost. today, metro begins its zero tolerance policy on texting. bus drivers or train operators caught texting on the job will be fired. this comes after several alarming cases were caught on
6:39 am
videotape. the operator in the deadly red line crash wasn't teching at the time -- texting atthe time of that accident. trial of a mother accused of killing her four daughters and keeping their bodies in her home for months gets under way today. police say jacks lived with their bodies for at least seven months. the case led to a shake-up at d.c. child an family services agency. coming up next, accused of flat-out discrimination against a group of minority students arc swim club changes its mind about canceling their membership. something that will make you think twice before you hit its beach. what is lurayintin he sand that could -- hit the beach. what is lurking in the sand that could make you sick. that story is coming up. there are moments in time
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when the paths we take do determine our future. today we are communicating with each other as never before - and that requires a seamless network that is constantly growing better, smarter, and more secure. that's why our scientists and engineers in our labs, are taking the fastest technology in the world and making it mobile, better and faster - to keep pushing the internet further than anyone dreamed. last year alone we invested more in building america's future
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than any other company - improving and expanding our network, to keep you in control. and behind the scenes, that takes work by our employees, who pride themselves knowing, that because they do it right, you might not even notice. if all of that, makes your connections, faster and more secure... well, that's our business. at&t... your world... delivered. making headlines this morning with three people under arrest, police say the investigation of the murder of a wealthcouplewe down in
6:43 am
florida has turned into something bigger with multiple moat ifs. somebody shot melanie and bird billings to death last week while eight of their adopted special needs children were sleeping. wayne calderon and leonard gunneddal he's, jr. face open murder charges. the billings hay plan in place to make sure children were not separated in the event of their death. prosecutors have now charged john demjanjuk with nearly 28,000 counts of being an accessory to to murder. prosecutors accused him of serving as a guard at a nazi camp in poland during world war ii. he says he spent world war ii as a nazi prisoner of war and never hurt anyone. a swim club outside of philadelphia accused racial discrimination is ask a group of minority day campers to. could back after canceling their membership. several children reported hearing racist comints there other club members but the swim
6:44 am
club insists the decision to cancel the membership was because of overcrowding. there was a meeting over the weekend and officials are now working out an agreement for those children to come back. let's get upcckhe of tckhe foras w.t no >>l we'lshow you temperatures across the area and wethe country. these are the current temperatures here. in washington, it is 72 degrees. rochester at 5degrees. cincinnati, 64 degrees. head out west, dallas, texas. 85degrees. they are looking if high today of 102 degrees so the heat waves continues across texas. cooler a up to the northwest, seattle is currently at 55 degrees. now, a look at the national satellite-radar. we'll put this in motion for you. there are some rain showers minister pacific northwest and across portions of the northern rocky mountain states. in the nation's midsection, more showers in kansas and into
6:45 am
arkansas, southern or southwestern missouri and some rain showers across the southeast. we have some showers just to the south of washington near culpeper and fredericksburg, places like that. forecast for us for today looks like this. simply put, becoming a mostly sunny day, a warm afternoon, high about 87 degrees. then, for tonight, we'll see seasonal temperatures, temperatures will be in the mid- 60s downtown. a little bit lower than that in the suburbs. clear skies for this evening. your five-day forecast, warm today, 87. tomorrow, more of the same, 88 degrees with a good amount of sunshine. more heat and humidity, wednesday an thursday. also, a chance of some afternoon and evening and nighttime showers and thunderstorms wednesday and thursday with your highs about 90 degrees. friday, more sunshine, 87 for your high. time for ask the weather guy. this is the segment where tucker balkans and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise.
6:46 am
today, great question from jason b. in frederick. he wants to know why do leaves turn upside down when it storms? i must say that, when i first read the question, i thought huh? i had not been aware of that. apparently, there is truth to it. isn't that right? >> that is absolutely right, tony. >> thank you, talk are, for contributing. >> it doesn't happen with every storm. jason is right. it does happen. when we get a storm, we get increased humidity as it leads up to the storm. that humidity does a number of things. it adds to the instability of the air which helps in the development of storms. it also leads to changes in the vapor pressure of the atmosphere. here is some file footage here. nitrates from the ground are than releasened at nitrates
6:47 am
cause a different smell in the air. the nitrates that are released rise up from the ground and they hit the under side of the leaves on the trees. when this occurs, it actually is enough to flip those leaves over. win is also a factor often. many of the leaves undergo a chemical reaction that make the leaf twist so that it is upside down and the question has been asked, why does this happen? why do the nitrates and vapor dos that to the leaves. it is an evolutionary process by which the trees get to the wash the bugs off the under side of their leaves. >> how neat is that? >> isn't that cool? >> did you know that? >> i knew that they turned upside down but i didn't know the technical reason. fascinating. >> that is amazing. it is just proof again that, in nature, nature takes care of effect. >> things are well thought out. >> man can't improve upon that. so jace son, thank you for the
6:48 am
question. i have to admit, we had to look this up. some web site, ask a scientist because we didn't know. that is where the explanation was. >> not ask the weather guy. it is ask the scientist. >> that was had are trademarked gentleman we subcontracted that out. >> f iyou have a weather question, go to and click on the web stab. we'll try to we are it for you as soon as we can. >> i love it when we hear stuff like that. there is a bigger plan out there. love it. thank you. let's check back in with julie wright. you knew that one. >> yeah, you know, hit me with your best shot. gurvir is going pat benatar. >> i know that one. >> you can look this up. i'll throw one at you. what is the average shelf life of a hostess twinkie? >> in my house, about five
6:49 am
seconds. a live shot of the beltway in silver spring. here come the sun if you are on the inner loop. hopefully, you have your shades with you. a nice shot headed toward the wilson bridge. we had construction on the uner loop of the beltway south of 50. all of that activity has cleared. you are up to speed on the inner loop. beautiful shot here as you macyour way over towards alexandria. on the outer loop at route one in the local lanes, we do have reports of an accident tying up the left side of the highway. be prepared for a brief and abrupt delay leaving the scene. heavy and slow volumdelays as you work your way northbound here. all lanes open coming across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. let's take a look at what is continuing up on fox 5 morning news. >> the nation's unemployment rate above 9 puts 5%. in d.c., it is more than 10.5%. there are jobs out there. and this week, there is help finding them. congresswoman ?oamz will join us. she has big news on a big job
6:50 am
fair coming up. at 7:00, her job interview will be broadcast live on national television. hearings for supreme court justice nominee sonia sotomayor begin today. her potential future colleagues reese be thely reversed one of her high-profile decision and we'll talk more about how that could impact her chances. this a busy bunch of the talented guys. you may not have heard of honor society but you will. they are hoping up for a little band called the jonas brothers tonight. they are headlining a tour of their own. but they found a time to squeeze in a performance ju for us on fox 5 morning news. stick around, meet the guys. you will hear from them. rolling stone called them a breakout band to watch. sometime you stub your toe and you curse? well apparently there is a connection between swearing and pain. a new study out of england find muttering a curse word as a response to pain can make it easier to bear. researcher says the pain tolerance occurs because
6:51 am
swearing triggers the body's natural fight or flight response an may inreese agross which oftentimes downplays weakness. more money will apparently be on hand to battle swine flu. today, the health and human services secretary is expected to announce the feds will spend another $1 bill wrong to help boost vaccine reduction. she says virginia is eligible for nearly $8.8 million to prepare for and treat swine flu cases. the crackdown on smoking taken to another level as the city of richmond, california has approved a ban on smoking in multi-housing units and that includes individual units in apartments and condos. city leaders had already passed a smoking ban in public places. the fines for smoking in your apartment or condo now start at $100. the ban goes into effect in january of 2011. something to think about as you hit the bitchs this summer. a new study by the ep appear and university of north
6:52 am
carolina channel hill found that people would build sand canada isless are now perhaps at a greater rick of developing gastrointestinal diseases than folks who swim, surf or walk along the beach. researchers believe the many reason is that sand can often have fecal contamination. families of d.c. students are fighting the federal government over school vouchers. >> d.c.'s council getting involved. fox 5's tisha thompson has both sides of this heated debate. >> reporter: 4-year-old nia bennett wants to go to the same school as her brother niko. >> i went to public school. you didn't foe half the stuff he knows. and i like the idea of giving the parents a choice to choose a school whereas i day left investigation, looking around and i chose what i felt was a good school. >> reporter: niko goes to a private school and is one of 1700 kids in the district would
6:53 am
receive scholarships, more commonly known as vouchers. now that she is ready to go to kindergarten, n i want a also qualified for i scholarship worth as much as $7,500. but her mother says the government broke its promise. >> i was appalled because they retracted the letter that they awarded my daughter the scholarship and then just took it back and i'm like you know, where is the kids first? >> reporter: ni. a lost her scholarship after the u.s. secretary of education decided to stop giving vouchers for new students. in response, d.c. councilman harry tom is a asked secretary duncan to reverse his decision. >> you are giving opportunities to people would deserve them, who deserve to go to the finest niewxs in the world. so why not give those who bhai not be able to afford it the opportunity to do that. >> n incident a will be forced
6:54 am
to go to her local public school without the vouchers. >> they are like 0% below the average reading and math levels that would be leaving my daughter behind. that is not acceptable to me. >> reporter: the u.s. department of education releaseed a study that found kids in the voucher program did not have any significant progress in math and a small amount of improvement in reading. the national education association called it an ineffective program and a threat to public education in the district. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. college math professors say schools don't go a good enough job teaching arithmetic. near lay half are forced to take reimmediatial classes actually dean at the college of baltimore county says students are taught to rely on calculators and can't do basic multiplication or division. coming up next, we all could use a hug. >> a woman who has taken her
6:55 am
mission of love worldwide was back in our area this weekend. pretty bad news no nats manager many acta if you consider losing your job bad news. he is out of his this morning. we are live with the details of who may be taking tof ervhe te next. we'll have that for you coming up next hour. hmmm... well... naaa... ah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at maybe you want to knock off early today. sun's kind of strong. [ sizzling ] i don't know... i feel pretty good! let's try to finish it off. working in the hot sun. with the legendary taste of dunkin' donuts coffee on ice,
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ it's 6:58 right now. do you need a hug? in virginia hundreds of people turned out to get one.
6:59 am
amia is known as a spiritual leader and yesterday she was met by crowds of followers in mclean. she was born into the hindu faith but e says she supports all religions and she says her religion is love. so if you see somebody you love today, give them a hug. it's time to turn things over to allison and steve. it seems there is a finally a major mid-season surprise for the nationals. manager man a acta says he's been fired. we're live at the national stadium with the latest. and also confirmation hearings start today for who could be the first hispanic justice. we'll look at her controversial statements and rulings. and the investigation


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